Greta has been a stylist and fashion designer for nearly 30 years. She imagines, sketches, and makes each of her designs from A to Z.

Laïliza was born from Greta’s vivid imagination; she had dreamed for many years of launching a collection of “more feminine” women’s terry cloth bathrobes.

The Laïliza collection wishes to make a difference through its careful details and more “feminine” cuts, which will make women more elegant when they are strolling about the house, at the spa, or poolside. 

Laïliza, recognised as a "certified artisan”


Belgian law now defines an artisan as: a natural person or legal entity active in the production, transformation, reparation, and restoration of objects, providing services for which the activities involve aspects that are essentially manual and have an authentic nature, developing a certain know-how, based on quality, tradition, creation or innovation.

The Belgian Federal Minister for the Middle Class, Self-Employed, SME’s, Agriculture and Social Integration Willy Borsus proclaims: “With this legal definition, artisans will finally see their know-how be recognised and protected. Establishing a legal definition of the artisan is recognising their talent, and valuing and protecting their work. The gold that they hold in their hands deserves to be known, recognised, and protected.”