Our points of sale

Here you can find our store locations. Please feel free to contact us:

Store name Store address Working hours
ATELIER LAÏLIZA Showroom Chemin Sous-Bois, 32 4900 SPA (Belgium)

Phone: 0032(0)476809445
Email: info@lailiza.be
BRENNERS Park-Hotel & Spa Schillerstrasse 4/6 76530 Baden-Baden (Germany)

Phone: +49(0)72219000
Boutique Lingerie CARACO Rue Chemin-Rue, 38 4960 MALMEDY (Belgium)

Phone: +32(0)80864178
Email: info@caracolingerie.be
Boutique Linge de Maison "EDEN GRAY" 17, Bd de la Croisette Galerie du Gray d'Albion 06400 CANNES (France)

Phone: 0033493995811
Institut LAGOON Lingerie Voie de l'Ardenne, 141 4053 CHAUDFONTAINE (Belgium)

Phone: +32(0)43661872
Boutique lingerie "LIGNE IDEALE" 35, BD Princesse Charlotte 98000 MONACO (France)

Phone: 0037793506497
SILVA Hôtel Spa-Balmoral route de Balmoral, 33 4900 SPA (Belgium)

Phone: +32(0)87793250
Email: info@silvahotel.be